Manipulative partners, Straight friends, Douches & busy busy busy!

Jen Spiers from the divine body painting duo 'The Pillowbook girls'

Wow this week is turning out to be quite the full on week. Sunday I had Qsesh and well I have new band to add my top ten list of local Brisbane musicians, ‘Looking Glass Liars.’ These guys were bloody amazing. I reckon there are some serious great things to come from them in the near future including their debut album. So can’t wait.

One thing that has been bothering me lately are friends dating manipulative game players. With all honesty i’m kinda over people complaining to me about their relationship problems and never doing a thing about it. The fact is if your relationship is based on games and guilt it will seriously get you no where, except a shiz load of heart ache. Seriously guys stop wasting your time, including mine. It is probably good thing I’m not in a relationship at the moment because hearing all my mate’s friend’s shit they’re going through just turns me off them even more. Maybe I should just choose a life of celibacy or even become an asexual, at least the only person I have to deal with then, is myself lol!

Oh and on that note quite a few of my straight male friends are seriously pissing me off at the moment. They seem to think because of my events that consist of burlesque performances and my abundance of female friends that I’m actually gonna hook them up with them. If you are one of those read this! The fact is I am not a tool placed on this earth for your entertainment and match making purposes!!! Yes lately I’ve been in a bit of a mood but fuck it. I’m allowed to be!

This week is turning out to be bloody hectic. I have an assessment due this Friday, I’m busy working on a music festival, also finalising the next couple of Qsesh’s and Debauchery’s, the joys of running events. Deep down inside I really do love it, but it is just keeping me uber busy at the moment.

On top of all this I’m working on my script for ‘Charlie’ and running over another script that I’m meant to be acting in, with proposed shooting taking place in August. Can’t say too much about that one right now other then the fact my character is definitely one loose cannon lol.

Bloody hell 2010 is seriously a busy year for me lol. Why do I choose to do this to myself? simple I’d probably end up killing myself with boredom.

Drugs, an affair, a rent boy, gay sex , suicide and high distinction!!!
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Author: Chad St James

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