“Love is like perfection, it comes in many different forms.”


A guy once said these words to me, and they’ve stuck with me ever since. It was strange, because when he said these words to me, I knew exactly what he meant.
Previously I had a love for someone that I had to let them go. Rather then proposing, I told this person I thought I might be gay. Last I heard, they werenow happily married with kids living a life that I could only have given them.

Then there was another one where this love evolved beyond friendship, to that of a brother, where we would be there for eachother during the best and the worse of times, where one day where the years have passed we would be sitting on a porch watching the world go by while reflecting on times gone by.

Then there was the one that said the very words above. It was passionate, destructive, adventurous, and hopeful all rolled into one. It was a love that didn’t quite fit the box, and in many ways it was a love that needed us to go separate ways to grow into the people we needed to be.

Three different people, three different forms of love, each one I would and have sacrificed so much for. You learn to live with the choices that you make. It changes you, it opens you up to a world of  endless doors to experience the many differenf forms that is love. It is something to be embraced.

There is someone that seems to encompass all of the three above. Their smile brings the deepest joy to my heart, their laughter is in itself music I find contagious that my heart beats a drum to. I feel security in their embrace while I feel the utmost responsibility to protect them, I wish for them the very best in life. I dream for a day when they would meet someone that will give them everything, when I look into their eyes I see a world of unknown possibilities, a life I would love to give, but I wonder if I could?

Instead they and everything else surrounding the roles that we play in eachother’s lives will remain a limbo of sorts, a meeting point, a fork in the road. Something one day will give, and only then will true understanding be found, when just like perfection, this love will find its form.

A cute drawing of myself done by a friend.
Wise words from Oscar Wilde #1

Author: Chad St James

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