Long weekends, closet footballers, trashy times, sexy models and random endings!

I’m sure I’m not the only one who is relieved that this long weekend is over? I mean two in a row just seem a little overkill. Or it could simply be the fact that I just can’t resist partying hard on a long weekend. What can I say? I’m a true club kid at heart.

homicide- The things we do when we're trashed lol.

This weekend was definitely a mixture of sorts, Friday night I met this str8 but curios footballer and kind of avoided what could have been a messy situation. It does sadden me to think that even today people still struggle with finding out who they are mainly due to the fear placed on them by their own families. What a load of shit if you ask me. Why do people struggle to accept the fact that everyone is different in their own way and be happy for some one’s own self acceptance? I guess that is just too much to ask.

Another thing I find funny these days is everytime I’m out I have numerous people coming up to me and saying they’re fans of The QIT and read it daily. Yay it is good to know that popularity is growing. 2010 is definitely a year for me to put into motion the things I want out of life and watch them as they grow into frutition about time really.

On Saturday night I ended up at The Beat night club. This is virtually inevitable. If you’re gay and based in Brisbane it really truly is the only place to be, trashy and all. Needless to say this weekend I was witness to numerous Lesbian fights. I still find it a struggle to understand why they are so aggressive. Gay guys are bitchy but lesbians are just plain violent.

Snapped by one of the scene photographers @ Fluffy.

This weekend was also definitely a time making new friends. One thing that never ceases to amaze amongst the club scene that is possible to still meet decent people that aren’t completely fucked up that actually have some sincerity about them. Time will tell if these two will actually make the ranks of my close knit circle or just mere club associates. One of them in particular I’m quite intrigued by. You know when you meet someone and you just have this urge to get to know them even more. I’m a writer so what can I say when I meet someone who has layers the curiosity gets the best of me and I find myself determined to see who they are at the core of things.

Sunday was a friend’s birthday and we ended up going to the Caxton Seafood festival. To sum it up the festival was actually pretty boring (masturbating would have been more entertaining) and we didn’t stay there too long. Thank god my friend lived just down the road so we spent the arvo drinking the last hours of daylight away until the evening came and we embarked on our journey to Fluffy’s for their Annual High School Reunion. Pretty epic night really. Great music, great friends and a shiz load of partying that continued well into the late hours of the following morning. lol. Fun and trashy times!!!

During my blogging today I discovered the new Armani Exchange 2010 summer campaign and one of my favourite models Marlon Teixeira is featured in it yet again. Check him out below.

This guy just oozes sex appeal.  Other then that today has just been a day or relaxing blogging watching a few DVDs finally watched Sherlock Holmes it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would have been. It is now 1:40 am Wednesday morning and in a few hours I need to get head off to college. So I’ll think I’ll wrap this post up with a random quote

“A conclusion is simply the place where someone got tired of thinking.”

Superheroes, naughty anti gay activists, tasered 17 year olds and naughty antics at the cinemas!
'Charlie' a short film.

Author: Chad St James

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