Two ‘Logan’ trailers in one day. I think I’ve died and gone to heaven.


Wow the wait is over. Our first proper live-action look at Logan (Wolverine 3) and if that wasn’t exciting we get it from two trailers. Logan is the one X-Men film that fans have been waiting with eager anticipation for. Not only does the film mark Hugh Jackman’s final time in the role, it will be an X-Men movie like none before. Judging from the trailers the film has been done in the similar style of a Sergio Leone Western.

Inspired by the Old Man Logan comic story arc. It’s 2024, where the X-Men are all but gone. With the exception of a very few. Specifically Logan and Professor Xavier. It seems as the years have passed the pair have found their powers fading, while there’s a corporation called Transigen that is turning mutant children into weapons. Thus opening room for the introduction and protection of fan-favourite character, female clone-daughter of Wolverine, X-23. Forgive me if I’m wrong, this will pretty much set the course for the entire film.

Check out the first trailer.

And while the first trailer had fans giddy with excitement, the later released Logan red band trailer added whole new layer to the film, and what to expect from Hugh Jackman’s final outing.

Specifically this…


Seems Deadpool’s R-rated success has definitely had an impact on the making of this one.

We’re definitely gonna be in for a treat with this one. Holy shizz, I so can’t wait.

What about you?

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Author: Chad St James

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