Linkalicious: Camels stop traffic in Dubai, Darren Criss shows of his sunburn…

Mating camels stop traffic in dubai, Darren Criss looks mighty fine sunburnt or not, adopt a Flatback Turtle hatchling, and it looks like Sin City is getting a TV series!

Well this takes stopping traffic to a whole new level. If you happened to be driving between Dubai and Ras Al-Khaimah on Wednesday you would have have seen two camels literally get their hump on! Is it bad that Fergie comes to mind? As it turns out two camels thought the side of a busy road is the perfect location for lovemaking. [Death And Taxes]

You remember how Glee’s Darren Criss took the world by storm with his charming looks? Well it turns out he’s definitely gotten better with age. The actor who is starring in Ryan Murphy’s American Crime Story: Versace decided to post  a rather revealing picture showing of his sunburn leaving very little to the imagination. [Instagram]

For World Environment Day, on Monday 5 June, non-profit organisation Queensland Trust For Nature (QTFN) is running a campaign that lets people adopt a Flatback Turtle hatchling for just $25! The money will go towards helping QTFN continuing the great work they do to protect the Flatback’s nesting habitat on Avoid Island. Seriously, it’s a great cause so adopt one! [Pedestrian]

Frank Miller fans get excited! Deadline is reporting that The Weinstein Company and Dimension are developing a TV reboot of Frank Miller’s Sin City. Former showrunner for The Walking Dead, Glen Mazzara is set to pen the script. The series is set to depart from the film series introducing original characters and timelines to the world of Sin City. Pretty sure it’ll be violent AF! [Deadline]


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Author: Chad St James

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