Linkalicious: Sex, eye rolls, celebrity bitch-offs, dancing astronauts and claims to the selfie!

Sex, eye rolls, celebrity bitch-offs, dancing astronauts, dinosaurs named after Ghostbusters’ characters and claims to the selfie! Enjoy today’s Linkalicious!

What’s the “Optimum Number” of people you should have sex with before you die? Well the answer shocked not just me but also most of my friends. [World Of Wonder]

Anderson Cooper rolling his eyes at KellyAnne Conway is the comedic relief that we all need today. He deserves an award! [#SadTrump]

Well this is a bit savage. Patti Lupone pulls out the claws and calls Madonna a “Movie Killer!” Hey, she wasn’t too bad in Dick Tracy! [OMG Blog]

Scientists have named a new dinosaur after Ghostbuster’s baddie Zuul but has little resemblance to Sigourney Weaver. [DeathandTaxes]

The Jungle Giants have dropped a new music video for ‘Feel The Way I Do’ [YEAH; But Seriously Though]

Paris Hilton claims to have created the “Selfie”. Is it me or does she seem to popping up in the news quite a bit these days? Maybe she’s trying to capture the relevance she had back in the early 2000’s [Pedestrian.TV]


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Author: Chad St James

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