Life is like a Lady GaGa music video…


It’s full of surprises.

Whether you’re a fan or not, everyone seems to be surprised by Lady GaGa’s music videos, whether it is over the top like Born This Way, minimal like The Edge Of Glory or controversial like Telephone. So in that sense she always seems to surprise us with her music videos, just like life chooses to surprise us with what it throws our way.

Lately, my life has had its fair share of surprise. Winning the short film comp for the Tropical Alternatives Film Festival back in June, being featured in the Sydney Herald for my film-making aspirations, and even being threatened legal action by a big shot Hollywood lawyer representing Teen Wolf star Colton Haynes regarding a gay photo shoot for X & Y magazine, that he is now trying to pretend never happened. Gotta love Hollywood sometimes!

Taking up the role of Brisbane editor for, has also brought its fair share of surprises. I have found through attending the different meet-ups, and interacting on the forums, I have found a series of new friendships evolving with people, that I most likely probably would never have crossed paths with, if it wasn’t for

Writing for the site, it’s hard not to have my attention brought to a lot of what the LGBT community is dealing with during our continuing battle for equality. It has been during this time that I have found myself actively evolved with a few different groups now fighting the good fight. God, who’d have thought this club kid is finding things more beneficial then just the usual clubbing? Actually my life has never really just revolved around clubbing, but the disco lights sure do pay an important role in my life, and I hate to admit it, they probably will for sometime to come lol.

Another pretty big surprise, that I have found through SameSame is my boyfriend. I met him at my first SameSame meet-up and as the story goes, we’ve been going pretty strong since. I do feel pretty lucky to have met such a genuine and beautiful person. A person who accepts me for me and not what they can gain. It’s a rare occurrence in the gay scene. On top of all this exciting stuff I recently found that it may now look like I have a publisher for my novel, which is hell exciting. My dreams of being a published author is coming closer to reality.

I guess I could keep ranting about all the other surprises that have been going on in my life as of late, but then you would probably be sitting in front of a computer for days reading it, so I guess I might take this moment to wrap it up with this thought. Life has an abundant supply of surprises waiting for you to unwrap them, you just have to be open to seeing them and their somewhat inconspicuous ribbons.

A heart drowning in eternal youth.

Author: Chad St James

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