Life and rescuing Paul!


Life of late, has been a little hectic. Currently looking for new place, I’m swallowed up in Uni work, my events and I’ve recently taken over the Brisbane editorial role for

I guess all my blogging for has paid off! So amongst the constant writing, school work and the usual chaos that comes with my life, I’m one very busy boy lol

It’s good though, because I can honestly say I’m doing what makes me happy đŸ™‚ I think there is an accomplishing feeling when one is able to find contentment in life amongst the stresses of everyday life. Wow I do feel a bit like a Buddha at the moment lol

On another note a few of us saw the movie ‘Paul’ the other night. Afterwards we felt inspired and decide to rescue Paul lol

Boom Boy
A short but sweet update!

Author: Chad St James

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