Late Night Reflections:


Late Night Reflections.
As words are written, memories of a different time flood back.
Where has life taken them?
For a period important, and now just distant names popping into memory.
The Spirtual Realist, The backpacker, The Stoner, The Recluse.
Different directions, different paths, different journeys.
The sound of the crashing waves, the peering eye of the moon.
The others. Beautiful, The blonde, Tarzan, Madam Party, The crazy dutch bastard.
Emotion, impact, attachment, perfection, longing, discovery.
The protaginist that  is the antagonist.
The alpha and the omega.
Secrets untold, what could have been.
Smoothing the scars of a departed collision.
The remnants of the Happy House.

Sometimes life gets so busy that the joy I have in writing still surprises me. I love how the characters unravel as the inspiration consumes me whole. The transportation into a world that is it’s own reality in itself. I’m finding so much enjoyment in writing one of my novels at the moment. Yes, I have a few that I work on at different times. Maybe if I could just stick to one, I’d have one finished by now. However, at the moment Happy House seems to be the one I’m doing a lot of writing with. It’s a story I first came up with back in 2005. In its own way it’s connected to the other novels, so perhaps maybe starting with what some might consider to be the beginning, could be a good thing.

I think the thing that I’m really enjoying is how the characters have evolved over the years from their original concepts. There is definitely a new depth to them, that I won’t deny I’m loving at the moment. Knowing the direction that the story takes these newly evolved characters gets me a little excited as I write. I think I might even get a little bit of twisted pleasure from it.

It has also really made me reflect on my time in Byron Bay and the parts of reality that now become fantasy. Byron was a very different place to what it is now. A place that no longer feels like home, but a place that is still dear to my heart all the same. What I also find interesting is how the people that I once knew have in their own unique ways inspired the characters that I now write about. I guess in its own twisted way art imitates life.

So for now while I work on Happy House, I shall embrace the nostalgia of it all.

I will remember you xo
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Author: Chad St James

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