Watch the Lady Gaga Super Bowl halftime show in full!

How about that Lady Gaga concert that had that football game?  Joking. Seriously Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl halftime show was an absolute show stopper.  Mother Monster didn’t disappoint.

Kicking off the halftime show standing high above the stadium, she deleted out a mash up of “God Bless America” and “This Is Your Land”. With amazing amount of trust she flung herself down to the stage for a gravity-defying performance of “Poker Face” before transitioning into her LGBTI anthem of “Born This Way.”

Fans were then treated with a performance of “Telephone,” sadly Beyoncé-free. The singer then moved on to her classic “Just Dance,” of which was followed with her emotional “Million Reasons.” Gaga has always been good to her Little Monsters, and this was no different stepping out into a sea of her costumed fans before returning to the stage to finish it off with “Bad Romance.”

Lady GaGa owned it!

It may not have seemed overly political as the show was first speculated, we didn’t have Beyoncé and her twins either, but the show was everything that Gaga has been about.  Ultimately relying not so much of stage effects to get the message across but instead getting back to the basics and utilising her lyrics, of which have always been a political statement of acceptance, love and equality.

Nice work Mother Monster!



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Lady Gaga's Super Bowl halftime show going to get political? Well duh!

Author: Chad St James

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