Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl halftime show going to get political? Well duh!

Lady Gaga has given a press conference about her upcoming Super Bowl halftime performance, and while she has been vague about the specifics, she’s hinted in typical Gaga fashion that it’ll be getting political.

“The only statements that I’ll be making during the halftime show are the ones that I’ve been consistently making throughout my career,” Gaga said. “I believe in a passion for inclusion. I believe in the spirit of equality, and that the spirit of this country is one of love and compassion and kindness. My performance will uphold those philosophies.”

While she hasn’t given anything away as to how she’ll be conveying such messages, she’s also insisted that her permeance will be “for everyone” adding, “I want to, more than anything, create a moment that everyone that’s watching will never forget.”

Now here’s some extra gossip that will sure have fans excited. While she originally said she’d be taking the stage alone. We do now know that Tony Bennet will share the stage for a quick duet and a recent photo posted by the pop star has fans possibly questioning that we might also get an appearance from Beyoncé!

Houston, you are beautiful. 🐝

A photo posted by xoxo, Joanne (@ladygaga) on

Fans are hoping that the above photo is hinting at an extra surprise for the halftime show. In the shot, the singer is sitting on a patio chair soaking up the beautiful weather, but what has people talking is the caption.

“Houston, you are beautiful,” finished off with a bee emoji.

Fans are convinced the bee is an obvious nob to Beyoncé. The Beyhive have used the bee emoji for years to show their love for the singer. Add the Houston aspect, yes that’s where the game is taking place, but it’s also where Beyoncé is from. Lady Gaga has since denied that she would be joined on stage with the expecting mother of two. It wouldn’t be surprise if she admitted it though. What a halftime show that would be!

So it’s safe to say Lady Gaga’s show is going to be political and come with its fair share of surprises. I wouldn’t expect anything less from Mother Monster. I’m sure there will be many a republican demanding she keep her liberal politics out of their sports etc. But then again you can’t please everyone.

Are you excited for Lady Gaga’s Halftime show?

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Author: Chad St James

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