Kissing Serendipity.

Life never ceases to surprise me, especially in 2010.

I’m sure many of you have heard of  the term of  ‘Serendipity’, An unsought, unintended, and/or unexpected discovery and/or learning experience that happens by accident and sagacity.

A few weeks ago I met someone out clubbing at the beat. That in itself is a huge case of purgatory. Very rarely would one think you would meet someone of such substance at the ‘institution of plastics.’ Since then I have felt a change take place in my own life.

Since meeting ‘Mr Serendipity’ I’m not exactly sure what it is, maybe it is a new found inspiration, it might also be the fact that with this person I haven’t had to put up that ‘front’ that I so often do when I meet new people. Whatever it is I now feel more inspired in my own creative endeavours, but it has also brought out a confidence in myself that I felt I had lost a long time ago. I’m finding I’m open to a lot more things that I previously was not, but also this person has also unknowingly taught me to look at life from a different perspective.

It is all very strange for me at the moment. He is a lot like an enigma that I feel I need to unravel and understand. What can I say I’m a Gemini and a writer so I naturally have this subconscious need to understand and know people. I guess what is so strange about all this is, the age gap, the fact that we’ve technically haven’t even hung out that much and that we’ve actually gotten to know each other mainly through ever continuing  thought provocative text messaging.

It is strange I don’t know  exactly what I feel or even why I feel this way. To add extra confusion we did kiss on the weekend, which I’ll be honest it was pretty darn nice. But then I find myself wondering why did we kiss, was it because we were a lil trashed, was it just two people kissing for the mere sake of physical pleasure or did it mean more. I’m find with either of these conclusions but it is just trying to work out which one it is that adds to the confusion of what I feel.

These are also questions that for now I won’t even pursue because the fact is I’m a big chicken lol. Now don’t get me wrong I’m not saying I want to jump into a relationship or anything like that, I’m just curios to know what is going on that person’s head. I guess it also comes down to the fact that ‘Mr Serendipity’ is truly one of the most beautiful and inspiring people I have met in a long time, so of course there would be all these strange emotions and questions. I am only human.

The fact is for now I shall settle with a growing friendship and stop pondering questions that really I don’t need to know the answer. Because at the core of things I’m content with it all being a case of serendipity.

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Author: Chad St James

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  1. First time reader, first time commenting.

    I am astounded at the lack of grammatical prowess in your writing!

    I would have expected an accomplished ‘blogger’ such as yourself to have shown far more care.

    Although I have only read the first line of this blog, I can see that you are struggling with Basic English grammar conventions and would like to offer my services to you as an editor.

    For a small fee I believe I can help your readers to make some sense of what you are saying and therefore increase traffic on your page.

    Grammar Nazi

  2. The fact that you have only read the first line and shown no interest in the actual subject matter or what this blog is even about, I most likely would not need your services but thankyou anyway

  3. I appreciate your response, but fail to see how the subject matter excuses you from using correct grammar. I struggled through the rest of this article and subsequent ones, perhaps it was the lack of conventional structure that impeded my understanding of what it was you were trying to communicate.

    Also, thank and you are actually two seperate words.

    Grammar Nazi

  4. I think you need to find something better to do then hack people’s personal blogs to pieces. Just a thought. Oh and thank you for the correction 🙂

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