Just some personal goals.

So today is day two of my new workout regime of lifting weights. I won’t deny my arms are a lil sore, but even more I won’t deny that i ever pictured myself lifting weights and working out on a bench press. Not that I’m an unfit fatty. I actually pride myself of on my slim figure. I guess just lately I’ve realised a bit of muscle and tone definition couldn’t go a stray.

so what brought this change? Well I would be lying if I said it wasn’t to partially impress somebody. But at the same time I think it goes beyond that. I mean who on earth would go to that much trouble to lift weights to just impress someone? You’d have to be pretty insane. So I can honestly say deep down inside this whole recent choice to lift weights is also part of my own personal mission to better myself physically.

I guess now that I’ve finished college for the year and don’t go back until March, I have a  lot of spare time on my hands. So I’ve decided to set myself goals. I believe a person without goals runs into the danger of going through life without little direction and achieving very little. I really don’t want to be one of those people.

So here are some goals I’ve set myself.

*To work out daily.

*To start a healthier diet. (whats the point of working out without the right diet?)

*To write more regularly. Hopefully a chapter a week. (this will have to start after this weekend. Stereosonic! I’d be kidding myself if I think any writing will get done during this trashy weekend lol)

*Make more effort for the people that really count in my life. Even if it is just a coffee, it is so important on a regular basis to let those special people in your life know how special they really are.

*Fine tune my doco to enter into the West End Film Festival by the end of December.

*Write at least two scripts over the school break that I want to get filmed.

So for some this might not seem a lot, but for someone like me trying to fit these in amongst hosting my events, socialising and being just plain me, can prove to be a bit of a mission. But at least I now have some direction and something to work towards. No complaining there. So fingers crossed. 😉

Are you setting yourself any goals over the summer?

Chad your timing is impeccable!
A call out to Buffy and Joss Whedon fans!!!

Author: Chad St James

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