Julia Gillard, equality’s newest enemy?

There is no denying that Julia Gillard has no officially added herself to the list of who not to vote for. Now I’m sure most of you have heard she is against gay marriage and has now plans to change the marriage act to allow same-sex marriages and that it was her personal view that gay couples shouldn’t wed. Bah and she has a hide to call herself an atheist!

She claims there will be no changes to the marriage act as it is only appropriate a man and woman get married. When asked her personal opinion she stated yes, she also believes this and it reflects community views. So funny what about the thousands that make up the LGBT community? Oh that’s right we’re second class citizens our views mean nothing. I suppose the recent poll that showed 60% of Australians would support same-sex marriage equality, means nothing either?

Rodney Croome, the spokesperson for the Tasmanian Gay and Lesbian Rights Group, sums it perfectly:

“Other political leaders have appealed to faith, procreation, tradition, or biological differences between the sexes to justify their personal opposition to same-sex marriages, but as a history- making female leader with no religion and no children none of these reasons are available to Julia Gillard.”

“She owes the 60% of Australians who support marriage equality an explanation for why she has let them down.”

I love the fact that she claims it is the community view when in actuality she hasn’t even asked the community’s view, but of course why would you ask people who didn’t even vote her in?

Yes if people think having our first female prime minister was a change for the better, I find it very hard to believe. Seems like we have just another puppet on a string!

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Author: Chad St James

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  1. But she doesn’t even believe in god the stupid slut

  2. How can lesbos be against homosexuality?

  3. I know that is the irony, she is trying to pull of the non religious prime minister but it is pretty darn clear who is pulling her strings. Hopefully she doesn’t stay in power too long.

    Don’t get me wrong i think is great to have a female prime minister, but when the community didn’t even vote her in, and she claims she is going of what the community is saying it just pisses me off!

    Sounds like Labor just stuck her in to gain support for Labor’s dwindling numbers!

  4. I know and that is the sad thing, when will we finally get someone into power that is actually an ally?

  5. Vote GREENS and send LABOR a message that Equal = EQUAL (we would still be FAR WORSE off with Tony Abbott and the LNP in power)

  6. great stuff !!! please write more interesting tales

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