I will remember you xo


Today I found out of the passing of an old friend.

I met you when you first came onto the Brisbane scene, and boy did we share some fun times, from random car rides till hiding your sexuality from your parents. Over the years life has taken us down separate paths, but whenever I saw you there was always kind words shared and reflections of times long past. I remember seeing you last Sunday and sharing a smile across the crowd and now the harsh reality is, I won’t get to do that again, I won’t get the spontaneous random catch up and most of all I won’t get to see your smile again. The world has lost yet another beautiful soul once more leaving a void that no-one will ever replace. Thanks for sharing your life with me. You will be missed. Some day I will see you on the other side and we will dance under the flashing disco lights and pumping music above.

It’s a disturbing thought that one minute a person can be smiling across the crowd in a club at you and the next minute they’re gone. No more chance encounters,  no more will you see their smile or hear their laughter.

I met JayK quite a few years ago when he first came onto the scene.  We were virtually inseparable,  but life took us down different paths as life seems to do sometimes. However, we would randomly bump into  each other at the most random of times.  We would catch up,  laugh about times long gone, and exchange experiences of our journey that is life. Now that will never happen again. It scares me. Life can be long,  it can be short,  but most  of all it can be unexpected.

You never know when it’s going to take an unexpected turn. I guess that’s why I find my interaction in people’s lives so important. Each of us have the potential to play important roles in people’s lives,  whether they be large or small. Never miss the chance to get to know someone, never miss the chance to say something encouraging,  and more importantly never forget to say how thankful you are for sharing your life with them. You never know when will be the last time you will cross paths, and the last thing you ever want to live with, is regret.

JayK thank you for the memories xo

My inspiration for the gym.
Late Night Reflections:

Author: Chad St James

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  1. Just some thoughts during this hard time. Thanks for the memories JayK xo

  2. That struck a core in me.
    I want to make peoples lives better
    and I wish everyone would uplift each other.
    I want to make a positive difference in peoples lives
    and thats why Im at JMC Film Academy in Melbourne.

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