I nearly got to see Lady GaGa…oh and b105, Up yours!

Lady GaGa monster hallWell kinda. Today during my lunch break, I was checking Facebook and to my surprise I found an email from one of my many Facebook friend’s saying my name was called out on the radio station for b105 for a competition I had entered. The competition was for Lady GaGa’s one-night only show in Sydney at town hall called Monster Hall. So this is why I’m really pissed. first the competition says you have to upload a photo “showing how you’re one of the biggest little monsters in Australia by creatively capturing your original + genuine monster spirit.”  Well I did that…


lady gaga entry

But obviously that wasn’t good enough because there was a catch. Here it is, they expect you to pretty much listen to the radio station from 6 am to 5pm Monday to Friday to hear your name called out with 2 others, and then it is a race to call and get in first. Now let’s take a moment to discuss how fucking stupid this is. Firstly considering a majority of GaGa fans are teenagers, they would be at school. So I ask this, is this encouraging teenagers to be tapping into the radio on their mobile phones during class time? That is a great standard to be setting guys! Then there are the older fans, who god forbid have to work to make a living and can’t be listening to the radio during work time. Try working at a Cafe in the city. You barely have the time to bloody scratch yourself let alone listen to the radio while you’re serving coffees and meals to uptight business suits.

So yes today I lost out on my opportunity to attend this once in a lifetime experience. Am I pissed? Massively!!! At the end of the day this competition is bullshit, it really has nothing to do with the fans uploading their pictures showing how much of a die hard fan they are. It’s just a pitiful luck of the draw, where really they should have simply just made it a bloody lottery rather then misleading fans into thinking that the more creative their photo is, the better chance they would have at winning.

On behalf of myself and the numerous other downhearted fans that have had their names called out while having to endure their daily commitments, FUCK YOU B105!

of bed with cans in your hair? Have you mastered the monster claw, the all-time perfect hair bow or the steps to Judas? Or do you simply live each day knowing you were born to be brave?


What bullshit!

Oh and Lady GaGa, you’re lucky I’m such a fan or I’d be hating all over your ass for being involved with such a stupid competition!

Chad St. James featured in the Sydney Morning Herald ‘Educate Yourself’ June -18-2011

Author: Chad St James

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