Hungover with some random reflections.

Today has very much gone by in a blur. Last night I hosted Debauchery, and as the story goes… got pretty darn intoxicated while hanging with mates and drinking to the well hours of the morning. 5 am to be precise.

Personal Note: Cask wine and cigarettes are not a good mix after 1 am. They just screw you up even more!

Interesting morning though, I mean I know I’m not the only one who in a trashed state with a mate talks about the meaning of life, such as sexuality to the fact that I feel an ultimate reality TV show would be having Britney, Kylie and Delta locked in a room with funny gas and film it as they try to kill each other. I would so pay to watch that shiz.

Something else random happened to me last night, I made out with one of my friends. Okay so that probably isn’t really random but it was a little on the odd side, cosidering she was a girl. I kinda think she was possibly trying to make someone jealous which in my inebriated state I really didn’t care and ended up kissing her three times.

Something seems wrong with this picture, I’ve had more action with a girl then a guy as of late. *sigh* maybe I really need to slut it around a bit, but it just really isn’t me. I’ll be honest I have had a bit of curiosty regarding this girl before. She is one of my friends and well.. I’m only friends with amazing people, but would I go further then friendship? hmm depends on the circumstances I guess, but I’m at least open to it.

I think that is where I differ to most people, I don’t judge sexuality of gender attraction, but more about the connection ie whoever I’m love with or feel like screwing at the time. I’ve been in love with both a guy and a girl so meh anything is possible. However there is more of an attraction to the guy side of things, but I sometimes wonder is that just merely due to familiarity? Just a thought, but never fear guys I’m not about to jump back over from the rainbow side of the fence anytime soon. It is just way too colourful on this side.

Some of my inspiration!
Superheroes, naughty anti gay activists, tasered 17 year olds and naughty antics at the cinemas!

Author: Chad St James

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  1. That last paragraph really caught my attention, it cast my sexuality or rather bi-sexuality into a whole new light. I’ve never been in love with or even done more than kissed another male, I think it might be an intermingling of “first-time” nerves, self-consciousness and fear of judgment. On the other hand I don’t trust anyone, male or female, enough to let them into my life let alone my bed đŸ˜› Cause ultimately the majority of people live by the same rule “I will irrevocably always look out for number one, even if I have to destroy someone else in the process”. Humans are an ugly creature. Finally I really admire what you are doing here; honesty truly is the best policy. Don’t change mate đŸ™‚

    Felix B.

  2. Thanks for the words of encouragement. That means a lot I only started this blog up as a mian central base for my other side projects. so it is good to hear people are appreciating this just as much as the more main stream celeb blog.

    Sexuality is a funny thing and I think too many people pressured into putting themselves into a box. The thing is we’re human beings and we truly are bigger then what we or others give us credit for. I do not belive my sexuality is my whole identity but rather merely just a part of it.

    I also believe love has no bounds so how can we classify it merely down to gender attraction? Just a few thoughts and shiz. Thanks for commenting I really appreciate it x

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