Here’s the Aussie Christmas Carol that this nation needs to hear!

With Christmas this weekend, many have left pondering where has the year gone. Not to mention can 2016 stop killing all our icons? Well as I was saying, Christmas is coming and what better time to pause and reflect on the true meaning of the day. It’s also a time to celebrate the differences between how the Northern Hemisphere celebrates Christmas compared to the land down under. Up in the Northern Hemisphere it snows all day and peeps get to wear sweaters, while down here in Australia we sweat buckets, have BBQs and systematically violate human rights laws with our overly oppressive immigration policies. Don’t even get me started on LGBTI rights!

Melbourne-based sketch group Aunty Donna have created the perfect holiday-themed tune that sums up Australia’s laid back Aussie Christmas while also taking aim at our country’s disgusting human rights violations. With the assistance of comedian Aaron Gocs, Aunty Donna celebrates what makes an Australian Christmas great while also taking a moment to hilariously contemplate how we celebrate it differently to other nations like refusing same-sex people marriage rights, ignoring the mistreatment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders for over 200 years and running concentration camps.

Check out Aunty Donna and Aaron’s Goc’s Aussie Christmas Carol below.

Yeah it’s a good laugh at the expense of some serious home truths. Tis the season to be merry, right?

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Author: Chad St James

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