‘He who lives in the past is already dead, he who lives in the future has not yet lived, but he who lives in the present is truly alive’

So often we live our lives fearing what might not even come into fruition. This is mainly due to past hurts and the fear that they will happen again, but most of all I think it comes down to the fact we believe we don’t deserve any better. It is a vicious cycle that can swallow us up. We find ourselves too busy focusing on ‘this will go wrong’, ‘I don’t deserve this’, we end up living a life too busy focusing on the bad stuff that has happened that we miss the good things that are happening right in front of us. I’m sure we’ve all been there before. It is this fear that the big bad would happen again that makes us so afraid to move forward, to put ourselves out there, to simply take a risk and hope that this time it would be different. Because of this we miss out on so many of the great opportunities life has to offer.

Yes life is a real bitch sometimes, but guess what, life can be a bitch for everyone. It really comes down to the mindset of what you want to do with it. Problems are circumstantial, yes shit happens but you choose to let it pull you down or flick it off your shoe and move forward. Seriously how often can you handle the smell of shit on your shoe before you have to kick it off?

Our past can hold us back and the unknown future can petrify us at times, too often we find ourselves focusing on these then what is actually happening in the now. I once heard a phrase that went like this…

‘He who lives in the past is already dead, he who lives in the future has not yet lived, but he who lives in the present is truly alive’

Being someone who has lived both in the past and in the future, I know from personal experience this gets you no where. Your heart only gets hurt as much as you let it. Yes people disappoint us, some more so then others, some even hurt us in ways that at times we feel might never move on from. But to believe that as truth you are simply lying to yourself. Ultimately we are in control of our lives and we have the power within to choose how we let the shitty moments in life that we are faced with effect us.

What is the point of living in the past, you can’t change what has already happened, and what’s the point of fearing a future of things that have not yet happened. You’re more then likely to bring the things you fear the most into fruition by focusing on them. Live for the now, take a risk, take a chance because at the end of the day today is simply just another tomorrow.

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Author: Chad St James

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