Great moments in interspecies relationships.

cat kissing dolphin

The Animal Kingdom never ceases to surprise me. I can’t help but have a soft spot for interspecies interaction and their displays of affection between each other.

Cats especially I find intriguing. We have a cat next door called Bella, however my housemate had nicknamed her Cat-tus, and she insists on constantly coming over for hugs and kisses. The funny thing is, we don’t feed her but she still taps on the door meowing and demanding to come in for a bit of affection. Not that I’m complaining, you gotta take whatever love you can get, even if its from the feline variety. She’s a funny little thing and looks very similar to the cat playing with the dolphin, not to mention I have all the bonuses of having a pet without the need worry about paying for it.


A kaleidoscope with my thoughts.
What happens when I think too much...

Author: Chad St James

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