Finally it’s official, I’m Chad St. James!


So I’ve got some pretty exciting news, after what’s been years in the making I can proudly say I’m now officially Chad St. James, and I’ve got the birth certificate to prove it.

Back in 2010, I decided I wanted to change my name. As part of a first year documentary assignment while studying Film and Television at JMC Academy, I documented the journey that brought me to that decision. The end result was a 10 minute documentary titled, Becoming Chad St. James.

To my surprise the documentary had it’s little fair share of success. It was screened as a finalist at the 2011 West End Film Festival, won both the Judges and People’s choice Award during the 2011 Tropical Alternatives Film Festival, parts of it was shown during an MTV documentary on Bullying, Screened at over 30 different locations and was also the winner for Best Documentary during the 2013 Martini Awards, and was covered on various websites. ‘Becoming Chad St. James’ was just an assignment that grew into something so much more, it was probably one of the most therapeutic things I have ever undertaken in my life.

So now why only now have I finally got my name changed on my birth certificate? Cut a long story short, I ended up sending the forms off and due to some missed details on the application it was sent back. My plan was to always resend the forms off, but as life often goes we get busy and before I knew it nearly six years passed while in the back of my head I always had this thought “I really need to send those forms off again.”

Due to the fact that I plan to travel to the UK in January, I realised I needed to get a passport, and decided it was now or never. So I finally sent my application for my name change off and yesterday I got my new birth certificate in the mail.

While it seems most people that know me these days have only ever known me as Chad St. James, finally having it on my birth certificate, finally cements who I am. Yes, it may be just a piece of paper in the grand scheme of things, but for me personally it’s so much more than that.  I’m finally me. I can now officially say I’m Chad St. James!

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