Fang Banger painted by The Pillowbook Girls.


So this year for Fluffy’s Halloween party, my good friends Jen and Lucille from the fabulous body painting duo The Pillowbook Girls, once more did their magic and painted me up for yet another exciting night body painted fun. Inspired by the HBO series True Blood, the girls painted me up as Fang Banger, and I have to say they did a pretty damn good job. So of course a big shout out and thanks to the girls!!! Most Sundays at Fluffy you can check out their wondrous work on the staff, oh and don’t forget to like their Facebook page. Anyways you can check out a few of the photos below…


Needless to say it was a lot of fun, but a bit of a bitch to wash off.

So I wonder what wacky creation The  Pillowbook Girls will paint me up as next time…

Flashback: Byron Bay Farewell.
I'm fat, a whore, infested pig, dick head, cunt, loser, wanker, ugly, old... Um I think the list is up to date.

Author: Chad St James

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