Fairy tales, hopes and dreams…


Fairy Tales, Hopes, And Dreams…

My lips press against another as Time Square glows with life. The unknown prince. Riding a great white stallion, he rescues me from the slumber spell of life… A modern day fairy tale, a happy ever after ending one could only wish for.

A story of hope, love, accomplishment and achievement. I flick through the pages of a published novel pause for a moment. With a sense of accomplishment I place it on the book shelf to rest knowing a hope and dream has manifested into reality.

I stand breathing the fresh sea air as the sands of Thailand flood between my toes. Stars pierce the night sky above as they glance down like a thousand watching pairs of eyes. A long fiery tear shoots across the blackness of space.

The clock ticks onwards as the hour glass sand flows. Glitter, flash lights, disco balls spinning as the unknown prince holds my hand dancing. At that moment the world does not exist, just two bodies, souls intertwined, swaying hypnotically together on a dance floor.

Speech, the applause and cameras flash, roughly scribbled autographs on napkins.

The rocking chair creaks on the old wooden porch as life long friends watch the world go by. Reflections. Hopes gained, dreams reached, love grasped, a journey shared.

Reality… 3:51 am. Traffic goes by as I sit on my balcony smoking a cigarette.

Fairy tales, hopes and dreams…

A twist of change
Change is on the horizon and I scream for it!

Author: Chad St James

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