Facebook unpublished my Business Page. I need your help please!


So I got the news on the 27th of October that anyone with a Facebook fan page with a decent amount of likes fear the most, Facebook unpublished my page.

I’ll be be straight up, I’m pretty devastated by the news. Especially considering those likes have come about from years of working in media, events and community activism. Recently I made the decision to stop stretching myself out and combined my writing, blogging, events etc all to one site www.ChadStJames.com and this page was to reflect that so my own personal profile could be something of a more private profile. So having Facebook suddenly un-publish a page with 5,000 likes definitely throws a spanner in the work for all my future plans. Having to start from scratch again is definitely a thought I’m not looking forward to.

According to Facebook the page was unpublished due to not following “one or more of the Facebook Page Terms”, yet Facebook has failed to specify what those were. My biggest issue is where was the warning?

Considering there are hundreds of pages that promote sexism, homophobia, transphobia, discrimination, nudity, misogyny etc that seems to fall through the cracks of Facebook, I’m startled by the fact that a page for an independent writer/ public figure can be unpublished for no specified reason.

Needless to say I’ve sent numerous appeals and also chatted with a few admins from a couple of different official Facebook pages. Pretty much they’ve been about as much help as a bucket with a hole in it. Their answers have been cut and paste, and vague to say the least.

So now I’m seeking your help. I have this idea that if enough people report the fact that the page should be republished, that by some twist of fate they might actually republish the page.

So you could be so kind to click HERE and select page from the dropdown menu and request Facebook to republish the page that would be greatly appreciated. To make things easier just copy and paste the below text.

To whom it may concern
Recently the Chad St James Page located at url https://www.facebook.com/themediocrelifeofchadstjames/ was unpublished by Facebook on the 27th of October 2016. As a fan of the page we request that Facebook republishes the page without further delay.

Yours sincerely [Your Name]

or as my Facebook friend Michael Barnett kindly rewrote.

Dear Facebook,

The page belonging to my friend Chad St James:


was unpublished by Facebook on the October 27 2016.

Chad was not given a reason why this page was unpublished.

As a fan of the page I’d like to ask you review this decision promptly.


I’m just hoping if enough people send in reports, Facebook might republish the page and I would be forever grateful.

Please spread the word. Much love.

Let me know how you go xo


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Author: Chad St James

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