Facebook decided everybody was dead on Friday… well sorta…


Yes, I’m still having my own battle with Facebook at the moment. However, on Friday Facebook accidentally killed a bunch of its users on Friday. A weird glitch in the system set a bunch of pages belonging to perfectly living people to memorial mode. Here I was thinking just trying to get my Facebook page republished was a fate worse than death. I was wrong. Not even Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg was safe.

Due to the digital age we live in, it makes sense with the world’s #1 social network would allow an option when a user passes that their profile can be marked as inactive and turned into a digital memorial wall of sorts. A banner appears at the top reading “Remembering [Such and Such]: We hope people who love [Such & Such] will find comfort in the things others share to remember and celebrate [his/her/their] life.”

Imagine waking up logging on to Facebook only to find out you’re allegedly dead. Would be kinda weird feels if you ask me.

For the record Mark Zuckerberg is not dead, despite what his own social network would have had you believe. So if by chance on Friday you woke up to see a dearly beloved had passed away, it’s more than likely everyone else thought you were dead too. Apparently the glitch made it that only dead people were viewing profiles of the dead, while the living could only view profiles of those that Facebook decided was still alive.


So if you have finally accepted the reality that Donald Trump was voted in as the 45th president of the United State, I’m  sad happy to announce that you are ALIVE too!

It didn’t take long for Facebook to sort out the glitch, now if only it wouldn’t take them another two weeks to republish my page!

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Author: Chad St James

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