Eminem just released a track featuring Beyoncé called “Walk on Water”

Stop the press. Did you ever think there would be a day when we would be blessed with a collaboration between Eminem and Beyoncé? Well, it’s happened and it’s beautiful!

For the most part, you could pretend it’s a new track by Queen B, and well that’s what most fans are actually questioning. Why couldn’t Beyoncé have just released the new song herself? When you listen to it, you’ll have to admit she steals the show within the first few seconds.

Her vocals are enchanting as per usual, with her part cropping up again throughout the song as Eminem breaks into a rap. I’m not saying the song is bad. It’s a beautifully honest and vulnerable track about expectations and being an artist, especially in relation to fans. I actually really like it. I just think it needs more Beyoncé!

Either way, I’m sure both Eminem and Beyoncé have a hit on their hands!

Bring on Eminem’s new album!

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Author: Chad St James

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