Embrace a world of endless possibility.

be open to possibilitiesOne thing I’ve really come to understand lately is that one has to be open.

Too often we find ourselves trying to move forward with the door firmly shut as a result of past experiences. It could be because of an ended relationship that you’re still hung on, a past hurt, the list is endless. It is often because of these past experiences we close the door for what we feel might be self preservation, however sometimes this is not always the case.

Everyday we are faced with endless possibilities, choices, options that life provides. They’re all gifts of possible new experiences, but if you’re closed off to them, these possibilities will blur right past you. It’s all very well to close the door, sometimes you need to if you’re going to move forward with certain situations, but remember sooner or later you’re going to need to open that door back up again and embrace a world of endless possibility.

Flashback: Papua New Guinea mission trip.

Author: Chad St James

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