Dear Translink


Today I had an appalling and extremely disappointing experience with Translink and was involved in a dangerous situation which has me questioning whether your staff follow safety regulations or have compassion for customer safety during peak hours of service at busy train stations such as the Fortitude Valley.

This afternoon when boarding a busy service from Fortitude Valley station I was rushing to catch my train and as the last passenger on the train the door shut on my leg and would not release. I fell outwards from the train and despite Translink staff witnessing the event no action was taken to assist me. I had to remove my foot from the jammed door injuring myself in the process and luckily pried myself free before the train began to move.

In the commotion my brand new expensive pair of Ray Ban sunglasses fell inside of the train despite the fact that I was forced to struggle outside of the train to free myself. I now have a swollen right leg and am missing an expensive personal item and am infuriated by the lack of treatment and compassion that I would expect from a professional service.

What appals me the most is the lack of attention and care given to me by rail staff. Are rail staff not bound by a code of conduct or do they just lack a sense of compassion to assist passengers that find themselves in trouble? Should something have been done to help me or is it your policy to ignore the safety of your passengers?

The train was an old model with less than adequate safety features and I am not confident that if I did not manage to wriggle free that I would have been dragged along the platform due to the lack of response from your staff. The safety whistle blew as the door closed on my leg and I was not alerted by the customary “please stand clear” otherwise I would not have tried my luck in boarding the train.

I have filled out an incident report at my final destination of South Brisbane Train Station at approximately 5:15pm and expect that this matter is investigated further. I have suffered an injury at the hands of Translink, lost an expensive pair of sunglasses and have lost faith in your ability to keep your passangers safe during peak services.

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Author: Chad St James

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