Dear Mr Game Player

One thing I’ve learnt in life is, you can virtually trust no-one except a spare few, and those people you can count on one hand. Some people simply like to play games, some knowingly do it, while others are completely oblivious that they’re doing it. In the end you find yourself wondering well what the hell do you do?

Well its like this, you can keep letting these people play games with your life, until you find you’re actually feeling guilty for literally feeling what that person is forcing you to feel, or you stop it.

In the end go off your gut insticts, they’ve kept you alive to this very point and really 99% chance they never fail you.

One final note though, you can also play the game right back.

So this is a nice message to Mr Game Player, anyone that really knows me, is more then aware I act dumber then I am, it is called self preservation, but unlike you I wasn’t silly enough to send incriminating evidence, and well I have enough knowledge of who you are and where you’re from. Now the question is, can I be that heartless?

To answer that question it really does sound best in your own words “Sometimes you just don’t know”

Apologies for a lost love.
Foolish Games.

Author: Chad St James

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