Dear George Alan Rekers, hope you’re enjoying a good rodgering!

You gotta love a bit of controversy, especially when it is a gay scandal to do with a well known anti gay activist. Meet George Alan Rekers. This douche has been raging war against the LGBT community for years and this is why it cracks me up.

It is usually the ones that struggle with homosexuality the most, that are the ones who are so dead set against it. First Mr Rekers got snapped at the airport returning from a holiday with a so called travel buddy who in actuality turns out to be a cute long haired boy of called “Lucian” real name Jo-vanni Roman.

Then like a domino effect the secrets began to unravel, certain conflicting stories and then came the next big surprise. Lucian wasn’t the first rentboy to have an affiliation with this Christian hypocrite, then came along Chaz sharing with the rest of the world his own encounter with the anti gay activist.

Someone has definitely been a naughty closet case. A part of me would like to say I feel sorry for the old codger but I believe in karma and in this case right now Rekers is getting a good rodgering! I’m sure some of you guys have seen Brokeback Mountain, and realise a life living in denial brings you nothing but heart ache. Actually I’m pretty sure quite a few of us can relate with that at some point.

I don’t feel sorry for Rekers I actually pity the guy, think about it, imagine being a homsexual that he hires gay rentboys out to give him naked massages, because he is too ashamed of himself to do anything else.

I guess that is what happens when you make it your mission in life to fight against people who only want to be themselves. Oh wait here is that word again… KARMA!

There is no denying in coming weeks more of Reker’s “naughty little secrets” will surface and I’ll be right here laughing my head off at him.

George Alan Reker the award for douche of the day goes to you!

Hey Dad, your a Sicko!!!
Stop motion monkeys are so funny!

Author: Chad St James

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