Dear Bill Leak, you should be ashamed for your “Waffen-SSM” cartoon!


Dear Bill Leak it is absolutely disgusting to compare gay people fighting for their equal rights to Nazi Germany.

Bill Leak, know your history!

While you think you might be clever calling marriage equality advocates “Waffen-SSM” drawing on your inspiration from the actual Waffen-SS of Nazi Germany, let me remind you of a few things.

The Waffen-SS were the armed wing of Hitler’s secret service. They were also responsible for running Hitler’s concentration and extermination camps.

In addition to the atrocities they committed against the 6 million Jews they killed, they were also responsible for the arrest and imprisonment of 50,000 people accused of homosexuality and the further execution of approximately 15,000 of them.

Bill you’ve got talent but you’re wasting it on the wrong side of history. You’ve completely missed the mark and virtually spat of the graves of the millions of people that died at the hands of the Waffen. You should be absolutely ashamed of yourself!

Now for those pro plebiscite, ask yourself is this the kind of “respectable debate” we should be wasting taxpayers money on?

Finally it's official, I'm Chad St. James!
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Author: Chad St James

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