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I won’t deny that over the last few years, I’ve gone through some of the biggest stages of my own self discovery.  See the thing is, it’s all very well to find yourself, but then what do you do? Are you content to stay the same? I find growth one of the most important things one can experience and something that also constantly motivates me. 

Everyday whether it’s through my writing, reading, studying, work, and social interaction, I find that in many different ways I am expanding on that Chad I found those many years ago. So in a way I am continually creating who I am. Coming across the above quote today really got me thinking and lead me to wondering another question, when does the creating end?

While some might consider this a morbid thought, I personally think it ends when you breathe your last breath. So really what does this mean? How I see it is, everyday you have the opportunity to create something new that adds to who you are. The power to be the best person that you can be all comes down to you and what choices you make with the opportunities and experiences that come your way.

Just some random thoughts at 2:22 am.


Narcissus Monkey!!!
Inspiration: Love Always Wins.

Author: Chad St James

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