Conversing online.

There are feelings,
so many of them I don’t quite understand,
and i find myself wondering would it be clearer
if I could just hold his hand?

I’ve been getting to know someone recently, yes it has been online but we pretty much talk every day, even though I enjoy the endless hours talking with him, its just hard because we haven’t had the opportunity to properly hang out yet.  I guess one of the things I really struggle with this is, even though I see the words appear on the screen it is no true substitute for when you’re chatting to someone in person.

You can’t hear the voice in the words that they type. You don’t see their lips curve to reveal their teeth as the generic smiley face appears. You see the word LOL, but you don’t hear their unique form of laughter. You don’t see their facial expressions, instead you just get a series of sentences in Times New Roman, and yet you talk as if you’re sitting right in front of eachother.




Speed bump.

Author: Chad St James

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