Contrary to popular belief, sex in 1912 was very inventive.

I had always assumed sex in the olden days was a dull boring affair but hey I take that back. Just check out this this brothel menu from 1912. It seems like they were way more inventive then people are today. “French fashion”, shoving in stones, dry bob, back scuttling and the list goes on. Oh and the best thing Mrs. F. A. Tasse’s gals will do all this for less then a one day manhunt pass. Wow the good old days, now I just got to find that goose quill and I’m set! Bahahaha!

Yes it is a disturbing world we live in. Do you haveĀ a fetish that should have been listed?

The choice of tights that lead to homophobia!
Chad St James the drag queen?

Author: Chad St James

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  1. Well I never!!! Hahahahaha I can’t say I’m at all surprised actually. People assume that folks were alot more ‘proper’ in ‘The olden days’…….it’s simply not true. We’ve only BECOME ‘prudish and boring’ in recent years!!! Afterall, it is the ‘Worlds’ oldest profession! lol

  2. Were so much more risky an fun in our younger years lol

  3. Sex

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