Colton Haynes and Co, continue to “de-gay” his internet presence, just how far will they go?

Well, yes yours truly Chad St James is finding himself in a little bit of trouble re Hollywood lol. It’s all really funny but as some of you know Colton Haynes is one of the stars of MTV’s new TV series Teen Wolf. Well it turns out this upcoming star had what certain people are believing to be a questionable past when first trying to make it in Hollywood. These certain people are now on a mission to “de-gay” his presence all over the Internet.

So it seems like is finding itself still embroiled in the Colton Haynes photo controversy.

Now for those unfamiliar with the controversy here it is, in his early years Colton posed for a photo-shoot in the now-defunct XY magazine. These pictures saw him kissing boys in a Jacuzzi and posing shirtless in a locker room, relatively tame stuff if you ask me. Well since Colton Haynesis now making it big on MTV’s new series Teen Wolf, the powers that be, seem to pulling out all the big guns with the purpose to “de-gay” his internet presence, by threatening to sue any blogger that runs pictures from the said shoot. is just one of the numerous blogs that has been hit with a threatening cease desist letter from Colton Haynes legal representative Bryan J. Freedman stating the pictures were “sordid, grossly perverted, and can only appeal to those with the most prurient of interests. That you would publicize such content is disturbing. Your election to continue doing so is criminal. The public disclosure of, and wrongful intrusion into one’s private activities, constitutes an invasion of privacy and is actionable in most jurisdictions, including California”

But that’s the funny thing, the pictures weren’t private, as they’d already been published in a national magazine . Wow Haynes’ agents must have sunk their claws into the photographer as well, as he now claims that the photos are his & not the deceased magazine’s. In my most recent post on the matter, I had uploaded pictures of the actual magazine, proving they were not private. Tonight I have just found out that those photos have now been disabled by my website host at the request of the photographer.

According to Title 17 of the US Copyright law :”…the fair use of a copyrighted work…. for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting…is not an infringement of copyright.”

So am I right in believing I am well within my rights? I think so.

Whether Colton Haynes is gay or not, really isn’t the problem here, it is his apparent public gay shame that’s a total slap in the face. I also find it disturbing that a celebrity who has lent such status to Love Is Louder, an initiative to prevent teenage suicide, is taking such paths. What kind of example is this setting for young gay teenagers struggling with accepting their own sexuality?

Whether it is his representation or Colton Haynes himself, I feel there are some some serious questions that need answering.

What are your thoughts?

Oh and here’s a few of those not so private pictures I’ve chosen to link to

It must be noted that I don’t directly have a problem with the actor, but I do have a problem when I am accused of breaking law, when in actuality I’m not!



Author: Chad St James

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  1. “sordid, grossly perverted, and can only appeal to those with the most prurient of interests. That you would publicize such content is disturbing.
    why isn’t anyone writing them back saying that Colton posing for such pictures is sordid, grossly perverted…and disturbing. who is the pervert- the one taking money for kissing boys (gay for pay)_ or the people viewing the freely available pics?

  2. These pictures are considered “grossly perverted”, while there are plenty of videos of his raunchy sex scene from the Showtime series “Look” still on the internet.

  3. I love this guy. Him being gay makes me want him more. For real hes hot those straight haters need to back off, Turing this poor guy straight those bastards.Its not his fault people he was born this way!

  4. I remember when that issuee was published (I still have it). For Mr. Haynes to now not only claim to be something that he is not, namely hetro, straight, whatever you want to call it, AND to sue people for posting on line photos he obvioususly willing participated in and enjoyed doing so)-Mr. Haynes YOU are the lawbreaker- making false accusations, slander. Sorry guy guess you didn't think of the possible rammifications when you were in front of that camera. You're not breaking any laws Mr. ST. J-and like you I'd be pissed off.

  5. The photos are not scandalous or pornographic. Honestly, it will only help his career because both boys and girls will be interested in his career.

  6. guys… if the person is really gay, then I respect that. and if he wanted to hide it all from other people let's also respect that.'''……. if he is really gay, that doesn't authorize you to tell everybody he is gay,,, (u know him? his gay… yeah his gay.. he s really gay…. that dude is a faggot….) (that doesn't sound good to hear from the people around you).

    respect for other people is d best thing you'll receive…. "that's what we all wanted, respect".

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