Change is on the horizon and I scream for it!


The wind gently blows, change is on the horizon. Nearing the inevitable thirty landmark. Decisions, choices to be made. Another twist down the path in the pursuit of happiness.

The need to move forward. Memories of the past, the unknown future lies ahead. The road is long with its twists and turns. Street lights flicker with their signals to “stop” and “go.”

The analytic times of hopes and dreams. What ones to put aside and what ones to hold onto firmly?

More then anything what is that I want the most. Life a never-ending flood of consuming questions. Flashing lights, disco balls, the glamour, the long winding road ahead.

Change is on the horizon and I scream for it!

Fairy tales, hopes and dreams...
My heart beats. My soul continues to grow and change form like the vicious of flames...

Author: Chad St James

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