Chad St James Vs Tiara Merchgirl.

So anyways as some of you are aware there has been a bit of war of the words with a fellow blogger known as Tiara Merchgirl.

Now let me explain I originally misread a facebook status update of hers so deleted but chose to share this following update on my own facebook wall…

Why is it a certain non Caucasian makes everything about skin colour but the minute a Caucasian does, it’s racist? Just a thought. kinda over a certain persons remarks. The fact is talent comes from within and we all bleed the same colour so stop basing everything from what is on the outside!

While not everything she writes is about race, it is however a very frequent topic. When it is discussed it always places herself as the victim and anyone who is Caucasian is a bully. I personally believe the assumption that everyone who isn’t white is racist is pretty racist in itself, don’t you think? Though she has not said it outright is comes across pretty clearly through her writing and constant updates on facebook (that was until she deleted me off)

Someone also left this comments during the endless debate

“The only way people are going to stop seeing skin colour is if you stop rubbing it in their face and bringing it up every two seconds.”

” but that doesn’t stop me from being typecast everywhere I go. :P”. The person doing the typecasting is you. If you insist on presenting yourself in terms of the typecast that you feel others are placing on you, no one is going to be able to ignore it. If you give people a chance, and stop seeing everything as being about race”

I believe are all valid points and at some point the argument has even evolved into who has more rights a woman of coloured background or a gay male. The fact is in Australian society the lowest denominator is the gay Australian male. Now I’m not crying victim because I believe there are better ways to battle this, but one thing I do have an issue with is someone constantly going on how hard their life is when in actuality their life is pretty easy especially when I have this sent to me…

Hi Chad,

OMG I just felt compelled to email you a big congratulations! Someone finally took on Tiara, I don’t necessarily agree with you (okay, I don’t really agree at all) however, I wholly agree that Tiara just needs to shut up! The only person bringing up her skin colour is her! Why is it that she finds it so hard to believe that some people are colourblind. It seems to be that she uses the excuse of her being an ethnic performer to explain why she isn’t as popular, she uses it as an excuse for her crappy dancing. I was at the Miss Burlesque comp and let me tell you the one thing everybody seemed to agree on at the night is how shocking she was. I was sitting in the audience and everyone around me was talking about it ! The reason she is not popular is because of the poor quality of her ‘performances’ not because of her skin colour/background/sexuality.

It’s interesting that she chose to bring up the cultural knapsack article. I studied this at University as an education student. I think she misses the point a bit, no family is culturally identical, even two children from white middle-class background would be going to school with different items in the knapsaks.

The other big problem that I have with Tiara is that she is NOT underprivileged, as she recently said in her Grazia article, her parents give her $1500 a month, I don’t know of any other University student’s parents who have the ability to do that. She is actually incredibly privileged! That she could afford to come to Australia and pay our international student fees, and live at International House at UQ only supports this.

I wish she would just stop with this self-righteous garbage. Good on you Chad for finally taking her and her underprivileged nonsense on!

The fact is Tiara contrary to what the above message says I you to hold an abundance of talent, but it is often overshadowed by your judgement and assumption of others, and your constant cry of underprivileged nonsense.

I don’t know what is worse racism or someone who constantly looks for it when it isn’t actually there!

Now unlike you Tiara I don’t have to needlessly repost biased one sided posts daily as I believe I can use my time more constructively, but at the end of it all I think this sums up everything.

Mwah and who knows one day when you stop thinking all I see of you is what is on the outside, we might actually be friends 🙂

I posted this on my personal blog rather then THE QIT because I believe my personal life is separate to business, something one day you should learn.

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Author: Chad St James

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  1. Hi. I don’t want to post my name here because I know both of you and I really hate internet drama.

    I am from a minority background myself and, for the most part, agree with you. We are all privileged and underprivileged in all sorts of ways, and using what we have and don’t have as an excuse to play victim is not constructive at all. I believe it actually does more harm to the concept of tolerance and diversity than anything. Good on you for speaking your mind.

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