Chad St James to appear on UK television update!

So guys as some of you know recently I was approached by September Films who want to use one of my YouTube videos for a television series. Here are some more details I received via email:

The show is called Sex Lessons and it features clips from various sex education videos from around the world.  The series consists of 10 episodes each focusing on a different area of sex education showing a variety of approaches to different topics such as Growing Up, Making Babies and Sexually Transmitted Diseases, your clip would go into the Growing up episode.  

Show sypnosis: Sex Lessons

Comedian Dan Wright presents a hilarious new clip show that pokes gentle fun at sex education, whilst also highlighting its importance. Dan shows his naughtier side as he presents a mix of talking head interviews with the public, saucy and funny adverts from around the globe, and cringe-worthy clips of earnest sex education videos from days of old.

So needless to say I’m pretty excited about this

This is the video they will be using…


My lecturer's work with Megan Washington.
The best Mario Bros tattoo eva!

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