Chad St James the drag queen?

Some people were born for drag, I on the other hand was not. Well actually if I wanted to dress up as Mrs Doubtfire I could probably pull that off. Anyways here a few pics taken today. I was called in to do some make up modelling for a friend’s friend, the subject drag makeup lol. So she did get her inspiration from Priscilla Queen of the Desert need I say more?

You can check out a few more pics below.

I think the world can breathe a sigh of relief that this is not a normal occurrence.

Contrary to popular belief, sex in 1912 was very inventive.
Windmill Desperation.

Author: Chad St James

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  1. lol the things 2010 seems to bring lol

  2. Most hideous drag queen ever. Lol nah im joking, ive seen way worse! Hahahhahaha

  3. lol it was only for a makeup student lol i didn’t actually go out in public like that lol

  4. never fear Nicole I was simply standing in for a friend’s makeup class lol it is not something I do on a regular basis. I pride myself on the fact I’m a guy and dress like one lol

  5. hahaha lol but you have to believe i do look like robin williams in drag lol bahaha

  6. yes you do! Mrs Doubtfire yes! Love you Chad, just don’t do it again please! lol

  7. I think you just need to be strutting about in a little sparkly number, you'll be right luv 😉 where was your friend's friend doing drag makeup?

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