Catching up with old friends.

Tonight I got to catch up with two old friends who I hadn’t seen in like 3 years, Dan and Nicole Hannaford. These two have definitely played an important role in my life that I will always feel forever grateful for. See originally I was a lil nervous catching up simply because my life has definitely gone down a different direction, but it was so great to see them tonight and realise that even after 3 years it felt just like it was yesterday since I had seen them.

I guess that is a true sign of friendship, but it is probably even more then that, its family. I don’t talk to my blood family, I’m virtually emancipated from them. The fact is I like it this way, and for me I am very privileged to have a select few that I can call my family.

One thing tonight has really showed me is that, yes sometimes we get so caught up in the business of our lives, but remember every now and then touch base with the people that truly matter in your life.

Meat vs Respect.

Author: Chad St James

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  1. Naaaaaaw again! What a great photo! Love it! Can you email me a copy? I just had my 3yr old daughter on my lap and she looked at the computer screen and said “oh..all my familys” !!!!!!!!!!

  2. it’ ok I just saved a copy to my computer, thanks Chad I had a fun night..we got home at 4am and thats a once in 10 years for little ‘ol me! haha

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