Carousel on the 3rd of December is worth getting excited about!!!

So December’s Carousel is gearing up to be a pretty epic night by the sounds of things, so it is hard not get excited. We actually have Miss Burlesque Australia 2010 Rita Fontaine headlining the night, with the addition of one of my other favourite burlesque performers the internationally renowned stunning Lola The Vamp. With music by The Blue Honey Band, The Sugar Shakers and more burlesque performances then you can poke a stick at, Carousel is going to go off on December 3rd. So excited. Both Lady Caveand I have some pretty exciting plans for future Carousel events that I can’t help but get excited like a little school boy set loose in a toy shop lol

Anyways for full deets on what is going on on the 3rd of December go here!!!

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Author: Chad St James

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  1. Same night as Bertie page clinic album launch at the wickham! Big night for burlesque and cabaret lovers (bit of rock in there for good measure)!

  2. i know it is going to be an epic friday. kinda annoyed I’m missing out on Bertie’s gig 🙁

  3. You should pop over anyway. Shed love to see you there. We’ll be partying into the wee hours. What time does carousel go to?

  4. around midnight. kinda can’t really leave since i’m hosting the night 🙁

  5. Ah bummer. Hope it’s a good one.

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