That time I was a Brisbane CityCycle model…

Love or hate Facebook Memories, they’re definitely good for one thing. Reminding you of times past whether you like it or not. Facebook recently reminded me of a time I helped a mate out volunteering to model (if that’s what you call it) for a series of photos he had been commissioned to shoot for Brisbane’s CityCycles. The experience in itself was rather hilarious considering I hadn’t ridden a bike in years let alone a CityCycle one.

Now this is where it got funny, months later hungover I was walking down to the shops to buy a strawberry milk when to my surprise I saw this literally around the corner from my apartment…

It wasn’t long before I found out they had popped up all over Brisbane from the CityCycle stand near my work to bus shelters in the outer suburbs of Brisbane. Needless to say my friends found it hilarious sending me selfies with the signs whenever one would pop up along their journeys. It also turned out CityCycle was also using some other shots I had forgotten about on their Facebook page to promote the service.

So my 15 minutes of fame seemed to have lasted quite a few months, even today I still come across the occasional one along my travels. While I personally think some of the photos aren’t the most flattering (I look stiff af in some), it’s still a bit of a laugh. Not to mention a reminder I’ve done a lot of random shit in my life also lost a bit of weight since then, which is always a good thing!

Also before you attempt a town bicycle joke, I’ve heard them all!

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Author: Chad St James

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