A brief visit with local Brisbane artist Jake Connor Moss


The other day I dropped into Metro Arts to visit local artist/ writer/ performer Jake Connor Moss in his studio. Jake had asked to do a portrait series. Considering I’m used to being behind the camera it was a bit of a different experience to being in front. It also gave me a chance to hear about some of Jake’s upcoming ventures. And trust me, he’s got quite a few.

The thing that really struck home from my visit with Jake Connor Moss was the fact that he’s in his early twenties and has completely dedicated his life to his art. Whether it’s his writing, painting, photography or performing, he’s made it his number one focus and I admire him greatly for that. I think too often we get lumped down trying to make ends meat in this expensive world that we live in. Jake has nicely gone and given the finger to all that and has completely immersed himself in his own creativity.

I can’t help but have a great deal of admiration for him and maybe a slight bit of jealously. The guy is a bloody inspiration. To keep up to date on what he’s doing follow his official Facebook page by clicking here. You won’t be disappointed not to mention you’ll find some of his posts bloody hilarious.

Anyways here’s 4 shots he took in the studio.




I love this one. He has seemed to perfectly catch my all too familiar Resting Chad Face. lol


I’ve recently found myself struggling with balancing work life with also following my creative endeavours. One of the things my visit with Jake also showed me is the importance of surrounding yourself with like-minded people. When you do, they become a natural source of encouragement that you can’t help but be inspired by. There’s a point in your life where you ask yourself what’s more important? Being part of the machine or being a part of something different?

Ultimately we control our own happiness. So it really comes down to the individual. For me my little visit with Jake Connor Moss went far beyond just posing for a couple of shots, it was a little wakeup call for what I need to do to find my own happiness in life. So thank you Jake!

Do your part in supporting local artists and be sure to check out Jake’s upcoming Woodridge Kid Art Exhibition at the Percolator Gallery December 3rd.

For full details click here!

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Author: Chad St James

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