Did Brian J. Smith just hint that ‘Sense8’ isn’t returning for Season 3?

I’ve only just got my housemate onto the Sense8 bandwagon. Don’t let this be so! With a reported $9 million per episode to produce, renewing Sense8 for another season was never going to be an easy decision. While Netflix currently hasn’t made an official announcement whether the increasingly cult favourite TV series Sense8 will be returning for a third season, a tweet by Brian J Smith who plays Will Gorski on the series has definitely got fans (including myself) worried.

The 35-year-old tweeted, “This might be a good time to start making some noise,” in response to a fan who urged others to use the hashtag #RenewSense8. As a result, the hashtag has since been trending worldwide on Twitter.

It’s uncommon for Netflix to cancel its original series, but with The Get Down axed after one season and Marco Polo only going for two seasons, fans of the series have begun to worry. After the season 2 finale, I’m damn as hell worrying too. I need freakin’ closure!

A couple of months ago, Deadline reported that the streaming service was possibly reassembling the cast after their options expired due to the show’s lengthy pre-production, lengthy filming and post-production process. Keeping a large ensemble cast like Sense8, which includes 15 regulars counting the title eight, is expensive as talent-holding fees definitely add up over time. Maybe negotiations hit a few obstacles along the way, but I’m praying otherwise.

I absolutely adore the show and would hate it to end without giving the characters and their captivating storyline a proper farewell. Perhaps it’s all an innocent misunderstanding and Brian J. Smith is simply trying to encourage support for the show.

Until we hear of an official announcement, let’s keep #RenewSense8 trending just to be safe!

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Author: Chad St James

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