Books On The Rail: Melbourne peeps are hiding free books on trams to make the commute less sucky!

Books On The Rail

I’m totally in love with this whole idea! Public transport maybe saving the planet to a certain level, but we can agree public commuting can literally be the worst. Overcrowded like a sardine can and pressed up against people with really bad hygiene can be a literal nightmare, but is it turns out some Melbourne heroes a changing all that while providing a nice bit of culture in the process.

Harry up, don’t Potter! This magical book is yours for the taking on the Glen Waverley line. #booksontherail @hpplayldn @_jk.rowling @hachetteaus @hachettekids 📚🚂🌠

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Books On The Rail has seen some unsung heroes sneakily leaving literature on public transport to find and read.  Pretty much taking a leaf out of the book (Sorry, I just had to) of a similar service in London where people are leaving books for commuters to read with a flyer and sticker explaining what the deal is in and on a book of their choosing where a bored commuter will come across it and hopefully have a more enjoyable commute.

Get in Kew for this irreverent and playful crime novel by award winning author #SueWilliams 🚇 #booksontherail @text_publishing

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Once they’re done with the book, the reader is encouraged to leave it on public transport again so that someone else can find some enjoyment it. It is early stages yet, with Books On The Rail claiming they have sent out approximately 300 books that have been donated by publishers and authors.
For someone that loves books, this is such a brilliant idea. I’m hoping that it will soon venture out of Melbourne and go Interstate. It’s pretty much Pay It Forward with books! Love it!

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Author: Chad St James

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