Beyonce completely owned this year’s MTV Video Music Awards!

Beyonce MTV Video Music Awards 2016 performance

Well the MTV Video Music Awards have been and gone for another yet. I’ll be straight up, this year’s awards were a little on the unimpressive side of things. As expected we had the usual narcissistic dribble from Kanye West (surprisingly he kept it to a minimum), Britney Spears made her come back to the VMA stage. If that’s what you can call it. Don’t get me wrong anyone going after Beyonce would have had big shoes to fill, but I expected something better than a bunch of dance moves and lip-synching. I get that Britney is a bit of an icon, but why even give her a microphone if she’s not gonna use it.

The show stealer and really what made this year’s MTV Video Music Awards was Beyonce’s performance, a nearly 16 minute medley made up of tracks from her groundbreaking visual album, Lemonade. Yes, the performance may have been a little bizarre and over produced, but this is something we’ve grown accustomed to in regards to Beyonce these days. Seriously though, Lady Gaga is really gonna need to step it up a notch later this year with her new music.

Anyways check out Beyonce completely owning the MTV Video Music Awards for 2016.

Seriously fierce and probably the lifesaver of this year’s awards.

What are your thoughts?

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Author: Chad St James

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