Australia voted a resounding “Yes” to marriage equality!

What a special day Wednesday was. I still find the occasional tears of happiness up in appearing in my eyes since the announcement. Australians have voted in the postal survey and they said ‘YES’ to marriage equality!

After what has been a long and hard-fought campaign by so many people to get the word out there and explain why marriage equality is so important, the Australian Bureau of Statistics announced early Wednesday morning that the majority of Australians had their say with a Yes vote of 61.6%

Whether you watched it from home, heard it at work or attended one of the many public live screenings throughout the country, there is no denying it was a moment to feel truly proud being Australian, knowing the majority of people here believe in equality!

I attended the live announcement in Queens Park, Brisbane, and the atmosphere was something that I will never forget. There were tears, but this time they were tears of happiness knowing that my fellow Australians see the relationships of my LGBTI brothers, sisters and everything in between as equal.

While the postal survey, never should have happened, it did, and now it’s very clear that the government must now listen to what the people want. The battle isn’t quite over yet. They now have to pass it through parliament and sign it into law. But this is a step in the right direction and is worth celebrating.

It goes without saying congratulations to every single person who made this a reality. Those who endlessly rallied, campaigned and petitioned over the years. Those who took the time to talk to friends, families, work colleagues and strangers and shared why marriage equality in Australia was so important. This our victory!

Love Wins!

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Author: Chad St James

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