Apologies for a lost love.

We do things out of anger and hurt, revenge is simply not a dish to be given out. There will always be consequences, at least there is a lesson both of us could learn from recent events. I’m sorry for how I went about things, but I’m not sorry for the lesson I taught.

Treat people how you want to be treated.

The fact is so often we play games with people because of our insecurities and previous experiences, but what we have to learn sooner or later is we have to stop playing those games, because at some point the other player will just get fed up and throw the board right back in your face. I was that player, I threw the board right back where it hurt. For that I am sorry.

Remember our lives are only as complicated as we choose to make it. We have to remember to stop living in the past, because it is those habits that we will still carry that fuck up the now and the future.

I am now emotionally numb.

Regrets & Lessons.
Dear Mr Game Player

Author: Chad St James

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  1. Fair enough, makes sense.
    Although personally, I feel it’s no-ones right or privilege to teach a lesson to others. Besides not being able to control what another person will take away from an experience, who is any individual to take it upon themselves to act as teacher? What makes one think they are any the wiser than anyone else and then to take it one step further and dutifully behave as such? For me it seems like a display of perceived superiority and generally immediately, injures that person’s beauty in my eyes. Not to mention lessens the value of any action or reaction of theirs occurred.

    Like the metaphor of throwing the board game. Is an aesthetically pleasing graphic.

  2. yes I fully agree with you to an extent, but under no circumstances should someone play manipulative mind games with me, so I simply just turned the table. Though I did go about it the wrong way, hopefully they will learn not to play those games with others in the future.

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