Anzacs, broken noses, Luciana and just a plain trashy time!!!

It seems like everytime I update my personal blog it is mainly because I can’t sleep and I’m suffering a lil case of boredom. So what shall I write about tonight?

Well Anzac day took place this past weekend, and what did that mean? Well other then taking the moment to think about the Anzacs who lost their lives fighting for our freedom it was also an excuse for a long weekend which would be full of a lot of trashiness. It seemed to be one of those weekends where I crossed paths with quite a few old friends who I hadn’t seen in ages, but also made a few new ones, but also a new enemy.

Here is a story for you. So anyways the other night (I won’t say where this took place) but I was out clubbing and you know when you’ve drunken one too many and need to empty out your bladder? Well I was doing exactly that when some guy lent over while I pissing in the urinal and grabbed my bits. Needless to say what followed happened really fast, My hand=his head=top of urinal= lots of blood. I quickly left the scene of the crime and caught up with mates praying he wouldn’t run off to one of the security guards. But hey what could he say to them? “I grabbed a guy’s peen and he slammed my face into the urinal” Security probably would have said to him he deserved it lol.

Anyways I’m not a violent person but word of advice, if you see me peeing in the urinal don’t grab my bits, at least wait to I’ve finished and washed my hands before you try and pick me up. Everyone has numerous forms of personal space. Peeing for me is one of them so don’t cross into it or you might not like the results.

Sunday was fluffy featuring one of my favourites Luciana and as usual I have a habit of meeting celebrities. It just constantly seems to happen. So of course I had to get a pic with her. The funny thing was I was so drunk it took five times before I liked the picture. Darn iphones. But hey she was pretty patient lol. Really cool chick actually and if you ever get a chance to see her live, make sure you do!!! She puts on an awesome show. Here is the pic.

Needless to say the rest of the night was a blast getting trashed into the well hours of the morning. Actually the partying didn’t finish until late monday night. Yes I was feeling a lil fragile this morning, since I slept most of the day away I’m finding it a bit of a struggle to sleep right at moment. Why do I do this to myself? Simple! No matter how old I get I think always will be a club kid at heart lol.

This coming weekend is yet another long weekend so I already know there are some wild antics coming. It is just simply inevitable!

How was your Anzac long weekend?

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Author: Chad St James

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