An update from Melbourne


Hey peeps, how have you been? I’ve been having a great time in Melbourne. I flew down here Sunday with about an hour worth of sleep,  and it’s been pretty non-stop since. The main reason for flying down to Melbourne was I was asked to speak at La Trobe University’s Pride Week.  It goes without saying when La Trobe puts on their Pride Week, they go all out!  On Tuesday I was one of four guest speakers that included Fiona Patten, Scott Twatt, and Wendy Goff. We touched on a variety of topics such as family, parenting, discrimination, legislature, hompobia and transphobia, but at the core the key message was theme for equality is now and we all need to play a part into bringing it into reality.



I’ve currently been staying with La Trobe’s Queer Officer Lisa Goff , her partner Kayla and their friend Justin. The hospitality these three have shown me as been overwhelming, actually everyone I have crossed paths with have been so welcoming and supportive. I’ve also used my time here to do some more filming for the documentary Love Like Yours and some awesome doors have opened up. To read more about that click HERE!

Oh but it hasn’t been all work and no play. On Monday I went on my first tram  ride in over 20 years,  but I will say after being down here for nearly a week,  the excitement about trams have dwindled a little bit. One of my favourite Australian television series was The Secret Life of Us, of which told the story about a group of twenty-somethings living in St Kilda. So Needless to say I made it my mission to hunt down the very apartment buidling that was the setting for where the characters lived. Yeah I’m a geek, but what can I say I loved the show.




On Wednesday night I got invited to a house party that resulted in a couple of games of the card game kings, an epic game of “I have never…”, and some amazing conversations shared over plastic glasses of goon. Personal note, don’t mix vodka and goon,  it results in a pretty disgusting hangover lol. Thursday night I decided to finally hit up the gay scene,  and I can honestly say I was no disappointed in the slightest. I checked out Sircuit and The Peel, I caught up with an old friend Jessica and also hung out with another mate called Nicholas. Funny story with Nick,  when he was younger he starred in another TV series I used to watch in my teens called Mirror Mirror,  he played the character of Alexei Nikolaevich,  the last surviving member of Romanov.

It goes without saying I had a pretty epic night of partying and didn’t get back home until ten-thirty in morning. Needless to say I slept most of the day away suffering a pretty epic hangover lol. I also met a variety of interesting people while I was out.  Everyone has been so welcoming and friendly and it saddens me to admit that in a few days I’ll be hopping on a flight back to Brisbane.

Over the next few days I’ll be doing quite a bit of filming for Love Like Yours,  and also be trying to catch up with as many people as I can before I leave. I have totally loved my time here, and I’ve kinda fallen in love with the city of Melbourne. I feel there’s so much to see,  and I haven’t even seen half of it yet. I’m definitely planning to visit again in the not too distant future.

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Author: Chad St James

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